Small Blue Silicone Texture Mat Mold - Wood Grain

* Lovely silicone molds to create beautiful dimensional pieces to embellish your décor and art projects. Use over and over again!
* They play well with so many types of media!
* The entire texture mat measures approximately 2.75" x 5.5". This is a flat sheet of silicone that is meant for making texture sheets. Please note the blue silicone is more rigid then the pink or grey. It's still flexible enough for removing your embellishments.
* Works great with Liquitex Pouring Medium or Finnabair Icing Pastes. You can also press it into clay, or pour a thin layer of resin onto the mold to create embellishments.
* Excellent for embellishing our Shrine Kits and Doll Kits.
* Find our entire selection of Molds HERE.
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