Amazing Casting Resin Kit 16oz - Quick Cures in 10 min. - Cures White

* One of the easiest and safest way to create exact cast replicas of practically anything in minutes! Simply mix equal amounts of resin and hardener and pour into your mold. Less than 10 minutes later, remove a beautiful cast replica.
* Cures to an opaque white color. You will know when your pieces are ready to pop out of the mold!
* Very little to no odor!
* No mold release needed for silicone molds. Over-pours peel right off too.
* Since it cures so fast, it's best to work in small batches. I like to work on just 2-3 castings at a time.
* If you take your pieces out shortly after curing, there is a period of time where they still have some flexibility. You can shape some pieces if they are thin enough, before they dry to a hard finish.
* Your cured Amazing Casting Resin piece can be painted, stained, drilled, waxed, and so much more!
 * This package contains two 8oz bottles of casting resin (mix the two to create the casting), three 2 tablespoon cups, two stir sticks and instructions.
* Made in USA.
* PERFECT for use in any of our Molds which you can find HERE.

(Castings made with this resin and our Art Doll Face Mold and Etruscan Mold by Lisa Morris.)
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