Want to know what people are saying about our products?
"Just to say thank you! I received my parcel down here in Cape Town South Africa and am absolutely delighted with my purchases!!  Can't wait to play with them ...."
Ann, South Africa
"I just got my package! Everything is so so beautiful. A lot of times, collage sheets I buy don't look too great, but yours are beautiful. I am so impressed with everything and will be purchasing again from you in the near future!
Thanks for everything (and the free collage sheet too). I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of me now that I found your website :D
All my best,"
Tashera, WA

"I love them all! You know how a lot of times images online look really bright and great then when you get them home even if they still look really good it's just not the same without the light of the computer? Well, when I first was looking at your sheets I thought these look closer to how they do on the monitor than any I've ever ordered. All the images are clear, the colors are true and well, you just have really great collage sheets! Thanks so much!"
Shauna B, OH
"Got them today, excellent quality!!! Love them. Can't wait to use these, they are beautiful!"
Valerie R., TX
"I received my first of many digital sheets to come, and being technically challenged worried about it, but it was easy peasy and they are fantastic, I've already made something using the Escutcheon sheet, gorgeous rusty elements, I love that. Will be back for more real soon."
Karen B., Scotland, UK
"Hi Kristin, I wanted to let you know my order arrived and everything is just lovely. Thank you so much for the "extra's". Oh how I love those cup cakes! You are a pleasure to do business with. I will be back for more."
Kathleen E., ME
"Kristin's jewelry is exquisite. The craftsmanship and selection of pieces is beautiful!"
Xarene E., CA
"Hello Kristin,
 I got my order on Saturday and was so pleased and excited when I opened the package.  They are amazing and have already started to cut them out, that is one of my favorite things to do, is to sit at night in my recliner with 1000 blades and cut with my exacto knife."
Sandria H., PA
"I just wanted to write to thank you. I already have the shrines in my eager little hands! Your shipping is the fastest I've ever had! I love the three compartment cubby hole shrine the best! You have a cute product that's reasonably priced and easily modified to any artist's taste. I'll make sure to tell anyone who asks about the shrines (cause you know someone will) that I got them from you. I'll let them know the ease of shopping at your site and the speed with which you deliver. You run one well oiled website and I truly appreciate your speedy shipping!"
Katherine D., NY

"I had to write you and let you know how very pleased I am with your collage sheets.  I want them all, your images are so sharp and colorful.  It is my pleasure doing business with you.  Happy New Year."
Sandria H., PA
"I just wanted to say thank you. I received my order yesterday and I'm super excited to start making jewelry with it. I also thought it was really sweet to have the handwritten thank you on the bottom of my receipt. personal touches like that always make ordering online more human and less like soulless, heartless robot is doing everything :)"
Kathryn T., CT