Liquitex Acrylic Fluid Pouring Medium

* Liquitex-Pouring Medium. Designed to not craze or crack in poured applications, which creates evenly poured puddles and acrylic sheets.
* This pouring medium can be used in silicone molds or embossing folders to create "skins" and shallow castings. You will want to keep the pouring medium around 1/4" or less for this type of application to ensure proper drying of the medium. Your "skins" will remain flexible when dry, making them great for curved surfaces!
* Tips from Susana Magenheimer (RandomArtist222): A really thin application, such as on an embossing folder, dries in approximately an hour. You can use deeper molds to create embellishments too, just do not fill past 1/4” and allow them to dry overnight. The thinner the application is, the more flexible your casting will be once it dries. You can add gesso over it once it's dry for a more rigid piece. As many layers as you would like. This will also allow it to handle more mediums too. If you pop a few specks of powder in the wet medium, such as mica powders, this will create a watercolor effect but do not add a liquid tint or it will loosen the pouring medium and not cure properly. Keep in mind for interesting effects, you can create embellishments using just part of your mold! Watch a great video by Susana HERE.
* Find the supplies from Susana's video HERE.
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* 8 oz. bottle.
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