Theatre Character Stands

* Package of 20 fantastic Theater Character Stands made from sturdy 1/8" thick masonite!
(3 - 1.25", 9 - 1", & 8 - .75")
* Perfect for converting your images into stand-ups. Just pop them in the slot and done! They will even work with 4 legged creatures, just use 1 or 2 feet in the slot.
* Use them as they are or alter them! If covering them with paper, once they are covered simply burnish the top to find the slot and cut back open with an xacto knife or razor blade.
Single Thick: Will accommodate cardstock thickness or less. Our Paper Cuts fit PERFECTLY. Pop them right in and you won't even need to glue them!
Double Thick: Will accommodate double cardstock thickness (if you like to back your images) or less. For thinner images, you will need to glue them in.
For extra thick pieces, you can glue a cardstock tab to the back and pop them in!
$4.99 Sale! $4.89
Single Thick
Double Thick