Gilders Paste - Black

* Black.

Please note, colors can vary slightly on different computer monitors.

* Gilders paste is a beautiful medium that can be applied to several materials including Metal, Wood, Resin, Plastic, Ceramic, Wax, Paper, Chipboard, and so much more! Just about any surface will work. Perfect for adding a lovely patina to our Brass Charms, Masonite Shrine Kits, Cut-Outs, and more! Gilders Paste looks awesome added over painted pieces too. The metallic colors leave a wonderful shimmer.

* Easily applies to your surface with a brush, sponge, cotton swab, cloth, rubber stamp, or your finger!

* 27 ml (1.5 oz). Covers 30 square feet!

* Dries to the touch within about 15 min. and completely cures in 12 hours.

* Find out everything you need to know about Gilders Paste HERE.
* And see our full selection HERE.
(Art Sample by Kristin Hubick. House Shrine PendantKey Charm, Gilders Paste (Black, Patina, Inca Gold), and Silver Pin Back also used.)
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