Stamperia A4 Soft Maxi Mould - Songs Of The Sea - Over The Sea

* A beautifully detailed soft plastic mold to create awesome embellishments for your projects! You can use this mold over and over again!
* These molds can be used with any cold cast molding product. For example Clear Resin, Quick Cure White Resin, Paper Clay, Porcelain Clay, Polyform Air Clay, and more! The manufacturer also says the molds can be used to make soap.
* The molds are flexible, so you can easily pop out your finished pieces.
* The entire mold measures 8.25" x 11.5". The individual pieces are a great size for so many projects and some are very generously sized!
* The photo shows a flattened image of the mold so you can see more of the detail. However the molds are very much 3D!
* Excellent for embellishing our Shrine Kits and Doll Kits.
* Find the entire collection of Stamperia Moulds HERE.
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