Masonite: Our Masonite is a type of wood that is engineered using only natural ingredients. Our top-quality Masonite has a lovely dark color and measures 1/8" thick. Because it's a type of wood, it can take more abuse. You can even bake it in the oven with embossing powder or UTEE! See the tutorial here. And of course you can paint, collage, stamp, and drill it. It has a wonderful, smooth finish. Our Masonite is also proudly made in the USA, along with our other materials listed below. 
Cherry Hardwood: Cherry is one of the most beautiful woods out there. It's a hardwood, so it's very sturdy and has a lovely color. Our 1/8" Natural Cherry is solid and kiln dried for superior quality. The beautiful wood grain will vary from piece to piece. The shade may vary as well, however all of the pieces are gorgeous. Our 1/16" Cherry is not solid, but rather a plywood. This makes it very sturdy despite the 1/16" thickness.
Black Mat Board: Our premium black mat board is made from 100% recycled materials and is 1/16" thick. It's black on both sides and throughout the core. Beautiful as is or paint, ink, and collage, your heart out! It's stronger and stiffer than 1/16" chipboard, and some of the Cut-Outs such as the fantastic Moustaches are ready to go in this medium!
Clear Acrylic: Available in 1/8" and 1/16" thickness, our clear acrylic is premium quality, crystal clear throughout with clear polished sides. All acrylic will arrive with a protective paper covering, which easily peels off and protects your pieces while in transit. Try attaching your images to acrylic using our fantastic clear double-sided Incredi-tape. Works like a charm with no mess! Occasionally we will also offer colored acrylic.
Chipboard: Our premium chipboard is very sturdy at 1/8" thick, yet it's very lightweight. Perfect for painting, collaging, stamping, drilling, and just about anything else you can think of. A selection of our products are also available in 1/16" chipboard, which is best for our detailed Cut-Outs and will be noted as "Chipboard 1/16 Inch" when you select your material.
Stencil Board: Stencil board is perfect when you want a thin, yet extremely durable material. It's only .015" thick, however it's very dense and stronger than the thinner types of chipboard with a smoother surface. It's thicker and much stronger than cardstock too. While you can paint, collage, and stamp it, you can also sew it! Stencil board works great with eyelets and is easy to punch. Because this material is durable enough for stenciling, it makes for great Cut-Outs. Many of the ATC Frames can also be used as a stencil in addition to a frame. You can also use Stencil board Cut-Outs as a Mask.