Mixed Media Creative Surface Board - Split Gear Style 4

* The two halves together make a perfectly symmetrical gear! The two pieces look amazing set apart on a project with some focal points in the middle, either on a canvas, as an assemblage, and so much more. You can also mix and match halves from different styles, and even sizes, to make really cool effects! Or the two pieces can make for some fun, creative wings! So many creative options!
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* A fantastic surface, perfect for mixed media projects! Especially great with Finnabair products!
* Available in multiple sizes. 
* Each Creative Surface Board comes with an optional glue on nail hook hanger, so you can display your artwork on the wall. 
* Created from sturdy 1/8" Masonite.
* They are wonderful on their own, however you can also layer several Creative Surface Boards to create interesting assemblage pieces. Layer the same style in a few sizes or mix and match different shapes. They sky's the limit!
* Endless possibilities - Paint, Ink, Distress, emboss, embellish, glitter, and much more!
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12 Inch Diameter (Was $8.99) Now $8.91
10 Inch Diameter (Was $7.99) Now $7.91
8 Inch Diameter (Was $5.99) Now $5.91
6 Inch Diameter (Was $3.99) Now $3.91