Modern Masters Metal Effects Oxidizing Finish Kit - Blue Patina

* Modern Masters metal effects oxidizing finish kits create a beautiful patina finish. They transform any prepared and paintable surface in a matter of minutes. Great for indoor use and durable enough for outdoor use, each kit contains everything needed to create a distinctive and timeless look. This water-base acrylic paint contains real metal particles with coverage up to 2 sq. ft.
* Actual oxidation occurs; special formulation speeds aging process and continues to oxidize and age over time. It can be applied to any properly prepared paintable surface! Includes instructions.
* Kit contains: 2 oz. Primer, 2 oz. Oxidizing Paint, 2 oz. Activator and 1 Spritzer Cap attachment for the Activator.
* Comes with instructions.
* Excellent with our Shrine Kits!
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