Old Library Catalog Cards - Pack of 10 - Colored Tops

* I just love these old library catalog cards! Most libraries are no longer using these cards and have switched to electronic search media, so I love the nostalgia of these. Of course I recall looking up books this way when I was little, though truthfully I was never very good at it.
* Some of them are vintage while some are not quite as old, however they all have that old look since they were typed! Some also have handwriting on them.
* You will get a random pack of 10. Each manila cardstock card measures 5" x 3". Your choice of a blue or green border.
* Perfect for journaling, collage, tags, and more!
* You can use them as backgrounds OR cut out snippets of the text to use in your collage. The book titles are perfect for this!
Blue (17 in stock)
Green (19 in stock)