Tombstone Journal Book Kit - Style 1

* You will get one fantastic Tombstone Book Kit!
* The book has a 1/16" birch wood front and back cover plus 6 pages made from sturdy stencil board. Also includes 4 mini rings which are very strong, yet you can open them easily with your hands. Your choice of black or brass. The holes are pre-cut, however you can also order your book without holes if you prefer to bind your book with binding tape etc.  
* The book measures approximately 3.5" tall x 2.25" wide.
* Easy to work with since you can create your pages before adding your rings. If your book ends up really chunky, you can also bind with wire or fibers!
* Find all of the Tombstone Book Kit Styles HERE.

(Art sample and inspiration behind these Tombstone Book Kits by Sherry Matthews.)
$6.49 Sale! $6.36
With Holes (as shown)
No Holes