Vintage Kitty Heads Collage Sheet

* There are 6 different kitties and 4 different sizes.
* The sizes include Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large and they are perfect for making Kitty Dolls! The sizes were made to coordinate with our Primitive Angel Doll Cut Outs and our other Doll Kits. The Medium Kitty Heads will fit our Medium Dolls for example.
* The quantity of each size includes Tiny (12), Small (6), Medium (12), and Large (6). The heads measure approximately .5", 1", 1.5", and 2.25".
* Also an excellent size for ATCs, Tags, Valentines, Ornaments, Journal Pages, and so much more!
Digital File (Was $3.25) Now $2.20
Cardstock (Was $3.25) Now $2.20
Semi-gloss Paper (Was $3.00) Now $1.95
Transparency Film (Was $4.00) Now $2.95
Fabric Sheet (Was $6.75) Now $5.70
Sticker Paper (Was $4.00) Now $2.95
Vellum (Was $4.00) Now $2.95