Mini Dia De Los Muertos Skeleton Pin

* You will get one amazing handmade skeleton pin! Each pin has two skeletons, one man and one lady. They are SO cute!
* Each skeleton measures approximately 1-1/2" tall. They are 3-D and fully clothed on both sides. As shown in the photo, the pin is a safely pin that can be cut off if desired. The two skeletons are not glued to the pin or to each other, so you could use them in an assemblage or shrine. They would also make a great gift for DOTD fans!
* These are handmade and hand painted so there will be some variation. The clothing colors and styles may vary from the photos shown, however they are all fabulous!
* Great for your Dia De Los Muertos art. You can use them in our Shrine Kits and these are especially perfect in our Mini DOTD Shrine Kits!
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