Mini Dia De Los Muertos Skeleton Earrings

* You will get one amazing pair of handmade skeleton earrings! One man and one lady. They are SO cute!
* Each skeleton measures approximately 1-1/2" tall. They are 3-D and fully clothed on both sides. There is a small charm loop coming out of the top of the head, so you could remove the earring hooks to convert to a charm if desired. Or cut the loop off completely to use them in an assemblage or shrine. They would also make a great gift for DOTD fans!
* These are handmade and hand painted so there will be some variation. The clothing colors and styles may vary from the photos shown, however they are all fabulous!
* Great for your Dia De Los Muertos art. You can use them in our Shrine Kits and these are especially perfect in our Mini DOTD Shrine Kits!
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