Large Exquisite Santos Doll Antiquity Shrine Kit

* You are going to love this amazing Kit! It's both a Doll, and a Shrine! Made of sturdy Masonite and is easy to assemble with just a bit of glue! Instructions included.
* The completed Doll Shrine stands a very impressive 16-1/2" tall! The arched niche measures 6.25" tall x 3" wide x 1.5" deep. This shrine has many uses, but is especially cool for displaying found objects such as antique dolls, doll parts, bottles, little statues, relics, and more!
* The arms are fully articulated so you can pose and move them as you wish. You can also use wire or fibers to attach the arms. If you prefer, you can order this kit without arm holes and brads so you can glue the arms in place. Your choice!
* Our Santos Doll Head Paper Cuts, Santos Doll Head II Paper Cuts, and Marie Doll Head Paper Cuts contain large heads which will fit this doll!
* Endless possibilities - Paint, Ink, Distress, Gild, Glitter, Emboss, cover with papers, embellish, and much more! This shrine is great for so many different themes; Devotional, Victorian, Circus, Halloween, Steampunk, Dia De Los Muertos, Valentine's Day, and so many more!
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