Tall Vintage Look Unfinished Wood Spool - 1.25 Inch - 1 Piece

* One unfished wood spool.
* Each measures 2-3/4" tall x 1-1/4" wide with a 1/4" hole.
* These work beautifully as little bases or stands for several of our Shrine Kits. They are especially perfect with our Mini DOTD and Crown Shrine Kits. Or our Votive House Shrine Kits. Simply glue to the bottom of your piece. You can also use them as actual spools in an assemblage piece. Just wind a bit of fiber around them. They are super sweet painted too.
* This particular spool is great for ribbon or twine storage as well. With a wide body, it works great for ribbon up to 2" in width.
* Find more in the Unfinished Wood section here.
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