Old Masters 1 Inch Circles Collage Sheet

Images are 1" circles.
Features famous artists including Diego Rivera, Boticelli, Van Gogh, Picasso, Lavinia Fontana, Rembrandt, Renoir, Monet, Edward Munch, Mary Beale, Raphael, and more! These are fantastic with our Artist Palettes.
The perfect size for bottle cap jewelry, Typewriter Key Frames, and 25mm Clear CabochonsIf you are purchasing a digital file, you can also shrink them down for smaller round jewelry projects. Includes 48 circles total. Two each of 24 images.
Digital File (Was $3.25) Now $2.20
Cardstock (Was $3.25) Now $2.20
Semi-gloss Paper (Was $3.00) Now $1.95
Transparency Film (Was $4.00) Now $2.95
Fabric Sheet (Was $6.75) Now $5.70
Sticker Paper (Was $4.00) Now $2.95
Vellum (Was $4.00) Now $2.95