Heart Flower Sticks Stand Ups Set of Two

* These are so fun and festive. They look amazing on a mantel, shelf, or dining table.
* Made from sturdy 1/8" thick Masonite. They are so easy to assemble. Just pop the tabs into the stands with a bit of glue! The heart flowers also include sweet engraved leaves!
* Each piece measures approximately 8" tall x 3.25" wide. The bases measures 3" in diameter. You will get a set of two. They are generously sized!
* As shown in the art sample, these work perfectly with our Large Spools. Simply omit the base and insert into the hole of the spool.
* Paint, collage, emboss, stamp, glitter, gild, and more!
* Find more Stand Ups here. And other Valentine goodies here. Keep in mind you can add lots of Minis and other fun bits to the base as well. A Heart Flower Stick would look fabulous between two Cupid Sticks!
$5.99 Sale! $5.87