Heart Stick Cut-Outs - 7 Pieces

* Package of 7 sweet Heart Sticks!
* You get 4 Small Sticks and 3 Medium Sticks. The Small Sticks measure 2" long and the Medium Sticks measure 4" long. Great for ATCs, ornaments, cards, tags, doll wands, assemblage, and so much more!
* As shown in the art sample, the Small Sticks will work with the Small Spools and the Medium Sticks will work with the Medium Spools. If working with the spools, you'll want the Masonite Sticks.
* Pick your choice of material below: Sturdy 1/8" Masonite (shown), 1/16" Chipboard, 1/16" Black Mat Board, or .015” thick Stencil Board.
 * Paint, collage, ink, emboss, stamp, faux metal, glitter, embellish, add some Gilder's Paste, and more!
Masonite (as shown) -1/8 Inch (Was $4.99) Now $4.93
Chipboard -1/16 Inch (Was $3.99) Now $3.93
Black Mat Board -1/16 Inch (Was $3.99) Now $3.93
Stencil Board (Was $2.99) Now $2.93