SMALL Regal Stencil Border Strips - Style 2

* You will get two Small Regal Stencil Border Strips as shown!
* Made of traditional stencil oil board. Thin yet very durable!
* These have several uses. You can use them as a traditional mask or stencil, use them as an embellishment (you can cut them and just use parts), use them as page borders on a layout, curl them and use them as a border around a base such as the base of our Santos Dolls, fasten the backs and use them as crowns, and more! You will find so many uses for these ornate pieces. Like Chipboard, the Stencil Board can be altered in numerous ways.
* Each piece measures approximately 2" tall (at the highest point) by just under 6" long.
$1.99 Sale! $1.95