Articulated Art Doll Arms - 1 Pair

 * You will get ONE pair of articulated doll arms in your choice of size! The arms are made from sturdy 1/8" Masonite. Each pair includes two upper arms, two forearms, and four brads for attaching (brads are not included with glue together option)! You can pose them in just about any position! If you prefer, you can order this kit without arm holes and brads so you can glue the arms in place. Your choice!
* Your choice of size (noted with arms assembled and positioned straight): Small (2-3/4" long), Medium (3.5" long), (5-1/4" long).
* The arms are the same size as those that are included in our Manikin Articulated Doll Shrine Kits.
* These are especially adorable added to several of our Fairy Shrine Kits.
(Art Sample By Deb Moon. Used Sweetheart Fairy Shrine Kits Style 3, Small Articulated Doll Arms, Glasses Cut-Outs.)
Small (Was $1.49) Now $1.46
Medium (Was $1.74) Now $1.71
Large (Was $1.99) Now $1.96
Doll Class. TWO pairs of large forearms, no holes. (Was $1.99) Now $1.96
With Arm Holes and Brads (articulated)
No Arm Holes or Brads (glue together)