Art Doll Head II Collage Sheet

* You are going to love this amazing collection of heads! They are sized perfectly for our Inspiration Fairy Shrine Kits, Medium Theatre Doll Kits, Angel Ornaments, 3-D Angels, and work for other art dolls as well. They also work great on our Small Bust Stand-Ups.
* The heads measure approximately 1" - 1.75". Of course if you are ordering digital, you can resize if needed.
* Because Art Dolls often need to be sturdy, this sheet is also available in Cardstock. If using this sheet for your Inspiration Fairies, Cardstock is highly recommended.

Digital File (Was $3.25) Now $3.10
Cardstock (Was $3.25) Now $3.10
Semi-gloss Paper (Was $3.00) Now $2.85
Transparency Film (Was $4.00) Now $3.85
Fabric Sheet (Was $6.75) Now $6.60
Sticker Paper (Was $4.00) Now $3.85
Vellum (Was $4.00) Now $3.85