Door Shrine or ATC Box Kit - Basic

* You are going to love this kit! Just like our original 2011 Door Shrine Kits, these kits have a working door (or lid) that swings all the way open, and are sized perfectly to hold ATCs! You can sit them upright, and use them as a shrine, or sit them on a table and use them as a box with a hinged lid! The designs are oriented to look great either way! If you are using them upright, they are stackable too. Or use the top to build a mini assemblage.

* The "Basic" is one of my favorites because as shown in photo #3, you can customize it with any of our ATC Frames! Looks great with the frames either upright or sitting on a table. Or add your own embellishments. The sky's the limit!

* Made of sturdy Masonite and is easy to assemble with just a bit of glue! Instructions included.

* Finished shrine measures approximately 2.75" wide x 3.75" tall x 1-3/8" deep. The inside compartment is sized perfectly to hold Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and measures just a bit over 2.5" x 3.5" x 1-1/8" deep. You can fit several inside and peer at them through the window! Great for holding other treasures and trinkets as well! Also great for storing art embellishments.

* The fully working door (or lid) swings open and closed.

* Endless possibilities - Paint, Ink, Distress, cover with papers, embellish, and much more!
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$5.99 Sale! $5.87