Mini Victorian Hand Mirror Cut-Outs - 7 Mirrors

* Mirror mirror on the wall... Just couldn't resist! You are going to love these CUTE little mirrors! They are seriously adorable! Each piece has a mirror frame, a back piece to hold your mirror in place, and of course the mirror piece that really works. The real deal, not that hazy faux stuff.
* There are five different styles and each measures approximately 2-1/4" long x 1" wide.
* Made from sturdy 1/8" Masonite.
* Endless possibilities - Paint, Ink, Distress, cover with papers, embellish, and much more! Our Inspiration Fairies just love these!
* Your choice of Mirror or Clear Acrylic. Clear Acrylic is great if you want to place your own photo or collage under the frame instead!
* Available with a charm hole (shown) or without.
Mirror (as shown)
Clear Acrylic
No Holes
Handle Holes (as shown)