Stand Ups - Fairy Bloom Flowers Set of 3

* You are going to ADORE these Fairy Bloom Flowers made from sturdy 1/8" thick Masonite. These are SO easy to assemble. Just pop into the stand with a bit of glue and assemble the pieces as desired. Your set will make 3 stunning flowers. You will get 3 bases, 3 stems, 8 fantastic engraved leaves, 3 blooms, and 3 flower frames. You can mix and match the stems and blooms.
* Paint, collage, emboss, stamp, and more! You can also attach some little embellishments to the stands!
* The Small Flower blooms are the same size as our Flower Pendants or Pins. The diameter of the top flower frame measures exactly 1" so they are perfect to use with 25mm Clear Cabochons, 1" Circle Collage Sheets, our Art Doll Head Collage Sheet, and so much more!
* The Large Flowers have a top frame that measures approximately 1.25" in diameter. They are great used with our 30mm Clear Cabochons!
* Both sizes look fantastic mixed together. They are super cute for making flower fairies and more. You can also use them as photo or ATC holders. Just clip your piece to the flower using a clothes pin!
Pick your size:
* Large - Pack of 3
Stands 5-1/2" to 5-3/4" tall.
* Small - Pack of 3
Stands 4-3/8" to 4-3/4" tall.
* Also available below without a stand and without stand tabs. The bottoms will just be flat across. Excellent for collage, assemblage, and altered art projects! *
Large (Was $6.99) Now $6.69
Small (Was $5.99) Now $5.69
With Stands (as shown)
No Stands or Tabs