Vintage Resin Teeth Models

* If you like rare and unusual vintage oddities than this is the item for you!
* These are authentic vintage resin teeth models that were used by dentists many many years ago.
* Your choice of upper teeth (photo 1) or lower teeth (photo 2). You will get one set. Upper has 6 teeth and lower has 7-8 teeth.
* Sets may very slightly, however all sets will have all teeth intact!
* All are mounted to a metal bar. The base of the upper teeth measures 2-3/8" long x .5" wide. The lower measures 3.5" x .5".
* These would look super cool and creepy in a shrine or on an assemblage project! You could remove the teeth and use them individually or use the whole bar.
* Get them while you can - these are very hard to find!
Upper Teeth-Green Base (out of stock)
Upper Teeth-Maroon Base (out of stock)
Lower Teeth-Maroon Base (4 in stock)