ICED Enamels Relique Powder

* Susan has taken the kiln out of the enameling process for you with her new cold enameling processes and products! ICED Enamels® makes Bezels, Metals and Mixed Media look as if they’ve spent time in the kiln being fired! The secret is yours that its ICED Enamels®! Choose any of our beautiful ICED Enamel® Powders, and with the help of ICED Enamel Medium, a few brushes, a heat gun, and some ICE Resin®, you’ll be creating beautiful cold enamel Jewelry
 1. Brush Enamel Medium on your piece.
2. Sprinkle on Iced Enamels. Add Mica, Glitz, etc. if desired.
3. Melt Iced Enamels with your heat gun.
4. Brush on a layer of Ice Resin to seal and protect.
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Turquoise (9 in stock)
Raspberry (5 in stock)
Chartreuse (out of stock)
German Silver (1 in stock)
Pewter (3 in stock)
Ivory (8 in stock)
Tarnished Bronze (NEW) (2 in stock)