Molotow ONE4ALL 2mm Acrylic Paint Markers

* Fantastic 2mm tip acrylic paint markers from Germany! Sold individually. The 127HS high solid Pump Marker has a patented capillary system for optimized color flow, tightness and tip-handling. Featuring the Pumpmaster™ -valve and mixing balls.
* The 127HS-EF is the smallest pump marker worldwide! One4All™. Paint quality for nearly all applications and surfaces. Even great on dark surfaces.
* Molotow ONE4ALL paint is UV-resistant and highly lightfast, great for indoor and outdoor use. The feature Molotow's patented Flowmaster pump-valve that ensures a continuous ink flow for quick application. An excellent paint marker for journaling. I've heard many well know artists say they prefer these to Sharpie brand paint markers.
$4.19 Sale! $2.51