Peerless Water Color Complete Edition Book

* The most convenient form yet devised to keep colors clean and available for instant use. The color sheet is a heavy film of highly concentrated pure color of intense strength and absolute solubility. The color is coated on one side of a special paper fabric that readily discharges when it comes into contact with water or any soluble mixture.
* The Complete Edition Book has 15 color sheets (2 1/2" x 6 1/2") and instructions.
* See the second photo for the full color chart. Gorgeous, intense colors!
* You can make your colors even more transportable by making your own palette. Using a double sided tape such as our Incredi-tape, attach your sheets to a file folder, etc. You can even cut up your sheets to make a smaller palette if desired! 
* You can use these with a standard watercolor brush OR they work like a dream with our Detailer or Broad Nib Water Brushes. Using them with a Water Brush makes them even more portable. No mess!
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