Stand Ups - Male Bust

* Made from sturdy 1/8" thick Masonite. These are SO easy to assemble. Just pop into the stand with a bit of glue! Each comes with a separate heart and crown for you to attach as you please. Paint, collage, emboss, stamp, and more!
* These are perfect with several of our accessories such as our Glasses, Mustaches, Hats, Masks, Antlers, Bunny Ears, and Wings! The Small and Medium Busts work great with our Small Wings and the Large and Extra Large Busts with our Large Wings. You can also attach some little embellishments to the stands!
Pick your size:
* Extra Large - Pack of 1
Stands 5" tall (without crown) x 6-1/4" wide at the base.
* Large - Pack of 1
Stands 3-3/4" tall (without crown) x 4-3/4" wide at the base.
* Medium - Pack of 2
Stands 3" tall (without crown) x 4" wide at the base.
* Small - Pack of 2
Stands 2-1/2" tall (without crown) x 3" wide at the base.
Female Busts also available. The females are proportionally slightly smaller.
* Also available below without a stand and without stand tabs. The bottoms will just be flat across. Excellent for collage, assemblage, and altered art projects! *
Extra Large-Pack of 1 (Was $4.99) Now $4.91
Large-Pack of 1 (Was $3.99) Now $3.91
Medium-Pack of 2 (Was $4.99) Now $4.91
Small-Pack of 2 (Was $3.99) Now $3.91
With Stands (as shown)
No Stands or Tabs