MEDIUM Circus Theatre Set Collage Sheet - Candy Land Christmas II

* Sized perfectly to fit our Medium Circus Theatre Shrine Kit!
* Comes with 2 tents and 2 floors. You can mix and match. The floors are the same size as the floors in our other MEDIUM Theatre Collage Sheets, if you want to mix and match further.
* They are also great for cards, ATCs, journaling, and just about any flat paper craft too! If you are using them in a flat paper craft, you can use the "floors" as your back curtain. Simply flip them around so the flat edge is on the bottom and the curved part is hidden under the tent! Super adorable! If you are purchasing a digital file, you can shrink them down and the sky's the limit!
Digital File (Was $3.25) Now $3.19
Cardstock (Was $3.25) Now $3.19
Semi-gloss Paper (Was $3.00) Now $2.94
Transparency Film (Was $4.00) Now $3.94
Fabric Sheet (Was $6.75) Now $6.69
Sticker Paper (Was $4.00) Now $3.94
Vellum (Was $4.00) Now $3.94