Papel Picado Cut-Outs - 15 Pieces

* These are totally awesome! Package of 15perfectly cut Papel Picado banners, perfect for your Day of the Dead art and jewelry! There are 10 different designs, 5 of which have duplicates.
* Made from sturdy 1/8" thick Masonite.
* Paint, collage, ink, emboss, stamp, faux metal, embellish, add some Gilder's Paste, and more!
* Each banner measures approximately 1" x 1.25" and has two holes. See photo number three for just some of the different ways you can hang them. Because they are so sturdy, they are excellent for jewelry making. In the art sample, three banners were used to create a necklace, however one banner looks super sweet too! Or just string them up and hang them as a cute mini garland.
(Art Samples by Kristin Hubick. Also used 7mm Copper Jump Rings and Vintage Copper and Brass Bead Chain. They are simply colored with cheap acrylic paint.)
$4.99 Sale! $4.89