VerDay Paint & Patina Set

* This set contains: generous 2oz bottles of Brass, Copper, Bronze, and Iron. Along with 4oz VerDay Patina. This set will go a long way!
* This kit also comes with a mister that attaches to the Patina bottle (as the patina must be sprayed on) and all comes packaged in a sturdy zippered plastic cosmetic bag for easy storage!
* Comes with instructions.
* Create the gorgeous look of real metal with the paints and then using the VerDay Patina you can create the look of natural patina. The patina patterns will be random. The iron paint reacts with the patina to create a rust color, while the other paints turn a greenish-blue patina. The paints are also gorgeous on their own. Excellent with our Shrine Kits!
* Extra Patina solution also available.
(2nd photo: Shrine Kit and Shadow Box Shrine Kit art Samples by Cheryl Darrow of Ten Seconds Studio)
(3rd photo: ATCs by Kristin Hubick. See the Tutorial!)
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