Large Red Theatre Curtain Collage Sheet

* You will adore this sheet filled with gorgeous theatre stage curtains!
* All of the pieces are sized to fit our Large Ornate Theatre Shrine Kit.
* Also great for creating your own paper theatres and other fun projects. If you are purchasing a digital file, you can also shrink them down for ATCs and more. They are great for cards, ATCs, journaling, and just about any flat paper craft too!
* Available in several colors.
Digital File (Was $3.25) Now $2.20
Cardstock (Was $3.25) Now $2.20
Semi-gloss Paper (Was $3.00) Now $1.95
Transparency Film (Was $4.00) Now $2.95
Fabric Sheet (Was $6.75) Now $5.70
Sticker Paper (Was $4.00) Now $2.95
Vellum (Was $4.00) Now $2.95