One Vintage Metal License Tag

* You will get one awesome vintage metal license tag!
* Either 1952 or 1954 (your choice while supplies last). Please note the styles are a bit different.
* 1952 measures approximately 1-1/2" in diameter and 1954 1-5/8".
* Both styles already have 2 holes for attaching, making these PERFECT for jewelry and assemblage projects! Our Extra Long Art Brads work perfectly for attaching.
* The metal is thin, yet very durable. I can't bend them with just my hands. Many of them have a nice vintage patina.
* Also, 1954 fits almost perfectly on the back of our new Pocket Watch Trinket Kits. The tag is about 1/16" smaller than the watch back. It looks super cool!
1952 (35 in stock)
1954 (out of stock)
1953-Octagon Shaped (out of stock)