Oval Cameo Frame Sets - You Pick

* Gorgeous Oval Cameo Open Frames and Solid Backs! Made from 1/8" thick Masonite.
 * You pick the size:
SMALL: approximately 1-5/8" tall x 1-1/4" wide. 
The frame opening is 25x18mm and can hold a cameo of that size, a 25x18mm Crystal Clear Cabochon, a Small Cameo Profile, an image, painting, collage, and more.
MEDIUM: approximately 2-1/2" tall x 2" wide.
The frame opening is 40x30mm and can hold a cameo of that size, a 40x30mm Crystal Clear Cabochon, a Medium Cameo Profile40x30mm Oval Images, a painting, collage, and more.
LARGE: approximately 3" tall x 2-1/2" wide.
The frame opening is 46x36mm and can hold a 46x36mm Crystal Clear Cabochon, a Large Cameo Profile, an image, painting, collage, and more.
* You pick the style:
- Open Frame and Back Combo
(2 frames and 2 backs for the Small, 1 frame and 1 back for the Medium and Large.)
- All Open Frames
- All Solid Backs
Circle Cameo Frames also available.
(Art Sample By Kristin Hubick. Medium Cameo Frame and Back. 40x30mm Clear Cabochon, Diamond Glaze, Skeleton Collage Sheet, Inca Gold Gilders Paste, and Silver Pin Back also used.)