Artist Grade Natural Mica - 3 Large Tiles

* Pack of 3 beautiful amber�Mica sheets.
* Sizes will vary - most are between 4" - 6". They are all nicely sized.
* Our Mica is the perfect thickness and color. Ready to add to your project. I've found with the thicker Mica it can often be too dark and sometimes peeling the layers causes breaking and or/flaking. This is ready to go!
* Mica is heat resistant and acid free. Our Mica has a lovely shimmery sheen in the light.
* It gives a lovely finish over images and can be stamped, embossed, punched, die-cut, painted, and much more!
* Try punching a hole�through it�with a hole punch and then adding our E-Z Set Eyelets.
* Incredi-sheets are also amazing for attaching Mica to projects to create a crystal clear bond!
(Art Sample By Indiana Dan. Masonite ATC Base and Short Copper Eyelets also used.)
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