Antique Brass FILIGREE Box Feet - Set of 4

* Set of 4 lovely filigree box feet with a beautiful antique brass finish.
* Each measures approximately 1" high x 7/8" wide.
* Each foot has two tabs as shown in the photo where your piece will rest so you have the perfect guide for a great fit every time. Simply rest your piece on the tabs and secure with a strong adhesive such as E6000.
* These work beautifully with many of our Shrine Kits such as the Small Cigar Box (shown), Large Cigar Box, ATC Box, Exquisite Shrine, and more!
"Fancy" Box Feet also available!
(Art Sample By Denise Phillips. Also used ATC Shrine Kit, Stand-Up Bus Stop Lady, Ballerina, White Alpha Beads, and Medium Chiswick Frame.)
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