Witch Hat Cut-Outs Style 1 - 30 Pieces

* Package of 30 awesome witch hats, 2 styles.
* They range in size from 1/2" tall - 2" tall. (1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", & 2").
* There are several small 1/2" hats, perfect for ATCs! Smaller hats like this are hard to find. A must have Halloween staple.
* Paint, collage, ink, emboss, stamp, faux metal, embellish, and more! These would look so great embossed or stamped with a spider web (especially if it was glittery).
 * Pick your choice of material below: Sturdy 1/8" thick Masonite, 1/16" thick Chipboard, 1/16" thick Black Mat Board, or .015 thick Stencil Board.
These are fantastic in Black Mat Board - they are ready to go!
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