Collage Cut-Outs Accessory Line - Household Items

* Package of 19 adorable household items including hangers, keys, coffee cups, silverware, and two types of scissors! Each come in two sizes, except for the coffee cups which come in three sizes. We love our coffee and tea!
* The smallest piece (the small coffee cup) measures .75" across and the largest (the scissors) measure just over 2" long.
* Paint, collage, ink, emboss, faux metal, embellish, and more!
* As an added bonus, these sized just right for our Hello Dollie Bodies Collage Sheet, but of course have many other uses. Try them with our Dollie Paper Cuts too!
* Pick your choice of material below: Sturdy 1/16” thick Chipboard, 1/16" thick Black Mat Board, or .015” thick Stencil Board. The Black Mat Board is fantastic for these! It's a bit stiffer than the Chipboard.
Chipboard 1/16 Inch (Was $3.99) Now $3.93
Black Mat Board (Was $3.99) Now $3.93
Stencil Board (Was $2.99) Now $2.93