Clear Acrylic Tags - DOG TAGS

* Package of 3.
* Each dog tag measures 2" x 1-1/8", standard size.
* Clear 1/16" thick acrylic with pre-cut holes. Just remove the protective paper backing and create.

* The holes are the correct size for our 1/8" ez-set eyelets, if you desire. (SHORT for one layer of acrylic, LONG for two layers of acrylic if you want to make a "sandwich" with your images).

(In the above art sample I first covered the back of the tag with alcohol inks. Then I secured a vintage book page on the back using Incredi-sheets (this way the ink does not run). You could also use the 2" roll of Incredi-tape. Finally I used a 1/8" eyelet setter to attach a short silver ez-set eyelet)
$2.50 Sale! $2.45
With Charm Holes (as shown)
No Holes