Coffee Break Design Medium Brass Flip Frame Acrylic Kit - SET OF TWO

* You will get�TWO wonderful brass flip frames with clear acrylic inserts for both!
* Simply peel the protective paper off the acrylic, flip open the lid, sandwich your art between the acrylic, and snap the lid shut. You can open/close the lid as much as you wish! You can also use the acrylic as a template for cutting your art.
* Great for photos, collage, text, lace, fabric, and more!
* Since the frame is brass, you can also patina the metal or paint the frame with our metal paints. Gilders Paste also works great on these frames!
* Frame measures approximately .75" x 1 1/8" x .20" deep. There is a handy loop at the top of the frame�for adding a chain, ribbon, jump ring, etc.
This kit is Copyrighted 2004 - Present by Coffee Break Design, Inc.
$5.99 Sale! $5.87