Vari-tone Ink - 1 ounce Spray Bottle

* 1 ounce spray bottle with instructions on the bottle.    
* Apply the invisible ink to rubber stamps, paper, stencils, etc. then heat with your heat gun or embossing gun to desired tone for a natural vintage look! The spray bottle works great with stencils!
          More about Vari-tone Ink™: This fantastic ink is our own special formula that is heat activated. The ink is invisible when applied to paper and when heated with a heat gun or embossing gun, creates an authentic patina. Vari-tone ink can be used with rubber stamps, directly on to your paper, under stamped images, with stencils, and more! You can achieve varied tones of brown depending on how long you apply your heat (see samples). For the stencil sample, I used our Onomotoholes stencil and progressively heated the image to show  some of the various tones of brown that can be achieved. The spray bottle applicator works best with stencils.  Also, because Vari-tone ink doesn’t leave a residue like dye inks and pigment inks can, it’s safe to run your paper through your printer after applying and activating the ink.

Vari-tone Ink™ Copyright 2002 Coffee Break Design

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