ONE Small Antique China German Doll Body - One Piece Randomly Picked

* This listing is for ONE antique German doll body. I placed several in the picture so you could see the slight variation. You will get one from the lot shown.
* Each measures approximately 2" - 2..25"  long.
The doll has a hole in each arm/leg socket for attaching arms/legs. (or whatever else you can think of). These work great as necklaces - just string through the arm holes! The doll is hollow and the head has a hole in the top. This is where the hair was attached. You could have fun things coming out the top of his head! I can just see it now.
* Excavated from the grounds of an old German doll factory in Thuringia Germany. Buried treasure indeed!
* These were manufactured around 1900! They are well over 100 years old.
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