Stamperia Assorted Rice Paper Backgrounds Pack A6 - 8 Sheets - Vintage Library

* Rice papers are wafer thin and can be used for wrapping, decoupage, painting, molding and are perfect for mixed media projects and other paper crafts. Cut or tear the paper or wet it first for a feathered torn edge. Apply a water-based glue to the back of your paper and place on your chosen surface, use a soft tool or your fingertips to smooth, spreading out from the center removing any imperfections as you go. Once dry you can add inks, paints, varnishes, and glitters.
* This package contains Stamperia Rice Paper A6 size sheets. There are 8 different sheets, and you get one of each sheet. Each sheet measures 4.13" x 5.83". 
* Perfect for mixed media, shrines, collage, card making, and so much more. A definite must have!
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