Die Cut Washi Sticker Stamp Book - 50 Individual Stamp Stickers - Black and White

* I'm so in love with these sweet stickers! They are individually die-cut and come with so many different designs! Simply bend back a corner and peel! You can also leave the sticker backings intact, and glue them down or add them to journal pockets if you wish! Once you peel off the backing, the sticker is made from a thin washi material that is semi-transparent.
* The stamps come wrapped in a leather "book" cover. The stamps are not attached to the cover, they are simply held in place by the elastic band. The band is attached to the "book" cover, which you can definitely repurpose into a sweet mini journal cover. 
* Pack of 50 individual stamp stickers and one leather "book" cover.
* Each sticker measures approximately 1-3/8" wide x 2" tall. 
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