Glass Glitter: It’s all about the Sparkle. Like a thousand tiny diamonds glistening in the sun, glass glitter has a shine like no other, due to the labor intensive hand-crafted production process. The glitter offered here is imported from a small family run company in the heart of Germany. This family comes from a long line of glass workers and craft each batch of glitter, by hand.
     The multi-stage process and base coat of Silver is what gives this Glitter both the exceptional sparkle and shine, but also it’s tendency to tarnish to a rich vintage look over time.
* Use clear adhesive to make transparent glitter a sheer color, or a white adhesive to make your finished project more opaque.
* To save yourself, carpet, pets, and children from becoming covered in glitter, simply put your project into a large plastic bag or box before applying the product. Any excess glitter will be contained, and it’s easy to then pour any excess back into the container If you are stamping with paint then it’s a great substance for glitter to stick to, no extra glue is needed.

Stickles Glitter Glue - Mercury Glass
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Aleenes Glitter Snow
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Stickles Glitter Glue - Hibiscus
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