Keepsake Curio Shrine Kit - MEGA

* A Mega Curio Shrine Kit that can be used to create an assemblage piece or altered curio used to display your favorite treasures! You can even use it to display some of your smaller Shrine Kits! Or use it like a printer's tray. Made of sturdy Masonite, and very easy to assemble. Instructions included.
* Similar to our original Keepsake Curio Shrine Kit, but with over two times the surface area. The depth is the same. 
* The completed shrine measures approximately 9" x 12.5" x 1-3/4" deep. The smallest compartment measures approximately 2" x 2.75" and the large square compartment measures approximately 6" x 6".
* This is an excellent kit to add box feet or corners to as it's deep enough. You can turn the shrine any way you would like. 
* Endless possibilities - Paint, Ink, Distress, cover with papers, embellish, and much more!
* Also available with a keyhole nail opening for easy hanging. Either vertically or horizontally, the nail hole will be oriented in the middle toward the top. 
$17.99 Sale! $16.99
No Nail Hole As Shown
Vertical Orientation Nail Hole
Horizontal Orientation Nail Hole