Young Artists - Unicorn and Rainbow Wind Chime Kit

* Add a fun activity to your day camp schedule with this unicorn and rainbow wind chime kit. This 10-piece kit provides all the necessary supplies for project completion, giving kids a feeling of accomplishment, and the finished product gives them something to show off in their personal spaces. Durable wood, child-safe aluminum, and twine elements ensure enduring display of this completed rainbow and unicorn wind chime kit.•4.08-inch x 2.67-inch x 3-millimeter rainbow •3.49-inch x 3.11-inch x 3-millimeter unicorn •3 5-milliliter paint pots: bright pink, light blue, and purple •32 inches of pink and white baker's twine •5-inch plastic paintbrush •4 2.5 x 0.25-inch silver child-safe aluminum wind chimes.
* Recommended for ages 6+.
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